Kick and Coffee

Listeners to the Outer Sanctum podcast we are doing Kick and Coffee again! This year the kick will take place at Princes Park so we can reminisce about the first night of the AFLW. Thank you to Carlton F.C for hosting us.

Come and join us at Princes Park. Sun 6 August 10am. Free!

A Footy Girls Guide to the Stars of 2017

It's out! Nicole and I spoke to some incredible footballers!

To celebrate the first-ever elite women’s competition, A Footy Girl’s Guide to the Stars of 2017 showcases some of the key players to look out for, and reveals how they made it to the top of the women’s game.

Players profiled include: Daisy Pearce, Emma King, Katie Brennan, Darcy Vescio, Maddy Collier, Kara Donnellan, Sabrina Frederick-Traub and Erin Phillips. What age did they start playing footy? What do they love about the game? Who are their role models? What are their greatest talents as players? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Filled with inspirational stories and fun facts, A Footy Girl’s Guide is an essential read for aspiring footy stars of the future – and all kids who love their AFL.

Griffith Review

Love this time of year when you can cuddle up with a book and enjoy the words (as well as tactile doona cover). Read this issue of the Griffith Review and not just because I have a prose piece in it, but because it has many great writers such as Gideon Haigh, John Harms, Tracey Holmes, Fleta Page, William McInnes and many more. Look at the Griffith Review here.

Review of 'The Quantum Age'

Had fun writing a review on Brian Clegg's 'The Quantum Age: How The Physics of the Very Small Transformed Our Lives' for the wonderful website Science Book a Day. Click link for the whole article.

This is from the website: 'Science Book a Day is a project put together by George Aranda who often goes by the name PopSciGuy. I run a science book club in Melbourne, Australia and hope to run one online soon.

My aim is to engage people in science via books and for them to bring their own ideas and experiences to science. To me, science isn’t about being told by scientists that “this is science” but for people to build an understanding and engagement with science in their own way.'