So proud to announce a new show Particle/Wave as part of this years' Melbourne Festival. It's been a long time in the making. I'm so proud of all the artists and scientists involved. A love letter to gravitational waves. Hope you come and see! This beautiful glimpse by Andrew Watson.

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6 Shows - October 6,10, 13 7pm and 9pm shows
Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks, Spotswood

Particle/Wave sees poets, musicians, sound and video artists joining forces with renowned scientists to interpret the theories of gravitational waves, which Stephen Hawking has called ‘a completely new way of looking at the universe.’

The 2017 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded for the breakthroughs that led to the decisive detection of the gravitational waves that surround us all of the time.

Directed and Produced by Alicia Sometimes

Co-producer and Musical Director - Andrew Watson


Writers: Alicia Sometimes, Krissy Kneen, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Lisa GortonOmar Musa, Jordie Albiston.
Video Artists: Andrew Watson, Isobel Knowles, Benjamin Portas, Mark Myers, Carl Knox, Dee Mason & Sar Ruddenklau
Sound Artists: Andrew Watson, Camilla Hannan & Nat Bates
Scientists: Katie Mack, Kendall Ackley, Alan Duffy & Ling Sun
Trailer visuals and sound by Andrew Watson